Datazoom Case Studies

We have helped a number of companies improve their data pipeline by solving their challenges with data collection, data analysis, and observability. Read these Datazoom case studies to find out more.


See How Companies Use Our Platform To Improve Their Streaming Business in These Datazoom Case Studies

Case Studies: Datazoom Technology in Practice

The data pipeline is rapidly becoming a central element in streaming operations and infrastructure. But building one which improves the speed and depth of product and service decision making can be difficult. For example, delays in getting data from the player or partners, like CDNs, can significantly impact an operator’s ability to resolve issues and provide a high-quality service to subscribers. Other issues, such as a significant amount of time post-processing multiple data sets into a single source, can undermine observability and even result in lost revenue. A failure to understand the impact of changes to the platform, such as a new feature, or the origin of errors in ad delivery, can either result in lost revenue or leave it on the table.

The companies featured in these case studies have used one or more of Datazoom’s platform features, such as ad enrichment or improved data delivery, to ensure their data pipeline is robust, scalable, and resilient. The result is a measurable impact on the bottom line as data sources are tied together as they stream from their sources to their configured destination. This leads to improved oversability with data decoupled from proprietary tools and completely managed through Datazoom’s intuitive interface.

Click on a case study below to read about the data challenges faced by the company and how the Datazoom technology, platform, and features helped to improve their data pipeline.

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