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Check out the Datazoom webinars where you can learn more about Datazoom technology, key challenges in handling and using streaming video data, and how we work with key partners. Our webinars range from hands-on demonstrations to panel discussions. You can register for scheduled webinars or you can watch recordings of past events.


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2021 Webinars

Powering Modern OTT Video Analytics Using Datazoom + Looker

In this three-day series, Alex Savage, Head of Digital Data and Analytics for ABS-CBN, will show and dive into the Datazoom Looker Blocks and how they can help Product and Content, Tech Ops and Engineering, and Advertising and Measurement better perform their jobs. These Looker Blocks are provided free of charge from Datazoom. For more information about the tools that Alex will show during the webinar, please visit the Datazoom Looker Blocks page.

The following webinars are in this series. Click on a link to learn more or watch a recording:
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