Adaptive Video Logistics

Get Video Data From Your Player Faster. Send It Automatically Where It Needs to Go. Share It Easily With Partners.

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Unlock your player data! Explore the features of the Datazoom platform.

Datazoom is the pioneer of Adaptive Video Logistics technology. It is the tool you need to bring data solidarity to your video workflow. With a mere 30-minutes of integration work, you can significantly simplify your video player, connect easily with new tools, and even make on-the-fly changes to what data you're collecting and the frequency at which you collect it.

Pre-built Collectors

Leverage our set of pre-built SDKs that can capture data from an ecosystem of players, devices and platforms.

On-the-fly Changes

Make changes to your data collection footprint or integrate new tools at any time, without touching a line of code.

Data API

Pull data into custom environments with our REST API.

Pre-Integrated Tools

Configure Datazoom with a variety of our pre-integrated “Connector” Partners.

Custom SDKs

Customize your beacons according to what data points and frequencies of data capture work best for your organization.

24/7 Support

Use our ticketing system for 24/7 customer support.

Access Management

Provision and manage access to data and other functionalities through our permission-based back-end.

Data Truth

Create unified and common source to pull data for true alignment between systems.

Sub-Second Data

Access and push data to third party tools in under 1 second.

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