Take Control Of Your Data

Datazoom is an enterprise, cloud-based Data-as-a-Service Platform, with unique capabilities for media companies. We offer data Collection (SDKs, Libraries, and APIs), Processing (standardization, filtering, enrichment and transformation), and Delivery of event-based data in real-time.

With the Datazoom DaaS self-service platform, you can drag-and-drop data collectors and connectors to build your data pipeline. With Datazoom you can collect, process, and deliver the stream of structured data you need, as quickly as you need it, wherever you need it to be.
Replace duplicative SDKs, standardize on a single set of variables, and gather only what you need.


Gather Data From Endpoints

Via the Datazoom Collectors Library, you specify from where in the video stack you want to collect data. It could be a CDN. It could be a player. It could be both, or neither. Collectors make gathering the insight you need for your data pipeline plug-and-play.

Once the data has been collected, automated processing can help save you time when it's delivered.



Reduce Data Post-Processing​

Datazoom standardizes incoming data according to our Data Dictionaries which serve as a data language and provide a common definition resource. Our Data Dictionaries enforce CTA-2066 and CTA-5004 video data standards. You can also enrich a captured event with data from another source. All of this cuts down on post-processing for a more efficient data pipeline.

However you need it: Datazoom can deliver in real-time to any location.​



Send Your Data Where It Needs to Go​

Via the Datazoom Connector library, you can send your data to common third party tools such as BigQuery, Splunk, Google Analytics, Amplitude, or even a custom system. New Connectors are continually being added to make building your data pipeline even easier.

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