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Announcing CDN Collectors: Invite your CDN data to the observability party

We’re excited to announce the release of our CDN Collectors which enable content owners to collect, standardize, and route their CDN log data for both real-time analysis and enabling this data as an input for root-cause-analysis algorithms. This service is the first of it’s kind for CDN data, and expands our efforts to provide the video industry with real-time, standardized data.

See the solution in action, below:

CDNs play a critical role in video streaming, and are responsible for improving the Quality of Experience for end-users, and offer cost-savings for content providers. Video CDNs sit in the middle of the end-to-end video streaming process and are responsible for serving up a video file before it’s passed to one hops across Transit or Internet Service Providers before ultimately reaching the end-user. 

Because the delivery path to the end-user can change, and congestion and availability of each service along the networking pathway can change on a moment’s notice, diagnosing video delivery issues can be a challenge. More importantly, answering the question of “What’s causing my videos to fail or have a degraded user-experience?” can be a diagnostics process that takes days or weeks due to data being stuck in silos, and lacking standardization, and inability to trace a request. 

Our solution is to offer a standardized output of video player data, and now CDN data, tethered to a shared SessionID to enable multi-player, multi-CDN analytics in real.time. More importantly, this offers the capability to tie a change in a key QoE metric or value experience by an end-user to a change of state on the CDN, providing an effective way for both content providers and CDNs to understand the CDN’s role in issue causation. 

Datazoom’s initial release includes two CDN collectors specifically  Lumen (formerly CenturyLink) to the Datazoom’s Collector ecosystem, with other CDNs Collectors planned for release by the end of the year.

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