The Datazoom Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) Platform

With real time bidding, big budget ad buys, quickly evolving user interests, erratic content schedule changes and a competitive content acquisition environment, content publishers focused on driving ROI of their service need real time access to flexible, granular, end to end data delivered to the data analysis and visualization tools they prefer.


The Datazoom DaaS Platform is a powerful solution to enable streaming operators and digital publishers to more effectively collect, process, and deliver data to the tools they use for improved observability, understanding, and analysis.

Increase Your Streaming QoE, Resolve Ad Errors Faster, Gain Greater Viewer Behavior Insight

Datazoom is a powerful Data-as-a-Service platform which is simple and intuitive to use. 

Through an intuitive visual builder, Datazoom users can create data pipes that provide them real-time data from their streaming endpoints, like a video player, directly to the tools where they need the data.

What Is A Data Pipe?

A data pipe is an end-to-end data capture and delivery system. Each data pipe is defined by one or more Collectors, installed where the data needs to be collected, and one or more Connectors, integration with the places where the data needs to be delivered (such as a Looker Block or a Datadog dashboard). 

Building a data pipe is a simple, five-step process through Datazoom’s visual builder canvas.

  • 1

    Navigate to the Data Pipes tab in the visual canvas builder and click the "plus" icon to begin the procss
  • 2

    Select a Collector from your configured Collectors list
  • 3

    Click the drop-down on the Collector and select the data points to collect
  • 4

    Select a Connector from your configured Connectors list
  • 5

    Enter a unique name for the data pipe and click the "Save Changes" button. Voila!

The Datazoom DaaS platform provides features and functions across three core activities: collecting data, processing data, and delivering data.

Understanding The Data Journey Through Datazoom: Collect, Process, Deliver.


Our Collectors (SDKs and APIs) capture data from video and audio players, CDNs, origin services, and server-side ad insertion servers. We currently support integration with many popular endpoints with easy-to-implement copy+paste integrations. Use API keys to send your CDN logs to Datazoom. Setup is normally under 15 minutes.


When the data is collected is when the magic really happens. Through the Datazoom DaaS Platform, users can carry out a number of automated activities against the data:


Data from external sources, such as Google Ad Manager, can be added to the data stream so that the data received by the streaming operator is ready to use.

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There are times when you don’t need every single data point. To make effective business decisions, you may only need every 10th or 50th data point. Through the Datazoom platform, you can specify just how often a specific data point should be collected.

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Data using any reserved field names gets standardized against the Datazoom Video Player and CDN Data Dictionaries. Data Pipes allow you to select which data points go to which Connectors. And if you need custom data, you can use the Custom Events & Metadata script to capture and pass-through data onto your Connector destinations as well.

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Post-processing data can be a time-intensive activity which can, ultimately, impact how quickly the data can be put to use. This can include changing variable types (from number to text, for example), variable names, or even how the values are calculated. With Datazoom, this can all be done at the time of collection.

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Getting the data to where it needs to go (in the time it needs to be delivered there) is just as important as what data is collected in the first place. The Datazoom platform offers pre-integrated Connectors for an expanding ecosystem of third party tools including web analytics, product analytics, application performance monitoring systems and data warehouses. Just enter your account information, and you’re done.


With a suite of powerful features, businesses can customize the Data-as-a-Service platform to meet their specific challenges and needs.

The Many Features of the Datazoom DaaS Which Make Your Business Better

Easy implementation of Datazoom’s libraries and SDKs across platforms and flexibility to deliver data where you want it is just the beginning. The Datazoom platform is a highly performant, secure, accurate, lossless, scalable, flexible financial-grade data-as-a-service platform.

Selective Data Collection

Tailor your data collection to your specific needs at any time selecting what events and metadata are collected in the Datazoom console. Gather content consumption at any frequency (“heartbeats”). For use cases that don’t require 100% of data to be collected, specify your desired sampling percentage of app sessions.

Flexible Data Routing

Seamlessly configure data pipes within the Datazoom console to determine where data is delivered (Connectors) and use filtering to determine what data goes to which connector.

Data Value Transformations

Use transformations to convert data values into formats that align with the requirements of your chosen connectors.

Metadata Enrichment

Enhance your data’s context by enriching events with metadata sourced from user, content, and ad management backend systems.

Real-Time or Batch Delivery

Get data delivered in real-time or batches, depending on your operational preferences and the requirements of your connectors.

Scales With Your Service

Rest assured that varying levels of load regardless of scale don’t affect performance or reliability.

Lossless Data Delivery

Smart retry logic ensures data is delivered without loss, even in the face of connector errors.

Robust Data Validation

Data is validated against our comprehensive data dictionary, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

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