What Can You Do With Datazoom?

Improve the Video Experience

Datazoom is a powerful video data platform that is simple and intuitive to use. Once you’ve configured the capture of your data (Collectors) and the distribution of it (Connectors), you’ll have a steady stream of information flowing through the Data Pipes to the tools that need it!


Our Collectors (SDKs and APIs) capture data from video players and CDNs. We currently support integration with popular video players with an easy-to-implement copy+paste integrations. Use API keys to send your CDN logs to Datazoom. Setup is normally under 15 minutes.


Data using any reserved field names gets standardized against to our Video Player and CDN Data Dictionaries. Data Pipes allow you to select which data points go to which Connectors.

Looking to collect custom data? No problem. Use our Custom Events & Metadata script to capture and pass-through data onto your Connector destinations as well.


We offer pre-integrated Connectors for an expanding ecosystem of third party tools including web analytics, product analytics, application performance monitoring systems and data warehouses. Just enter your account information, and you’re done.
A Robust Ecosystem

Connect Your Systems

The datazoom ecosystem is a growing library of SDKs and API endpoints to enable you to build Data Pipes between your sources, such as video players and CDNs, and the tools that use that data, such as visualization platforms like Datadog and Looker.



The Benefits Are Clear

The Datazoom Difference

Why should you work with datazoom? Why should you entrust your valuable streaming data to our platform?

Clarity And Focus

We’re committed to doing a few things really, really well so you can focus time and resources on things that bring your team unique value.

Fixed Cost Pricing

Most of your cost is based on how much data you have flowing through Datazoom. Enable or disable data points and data pipes to meet your budget.

Planning for the Future

Using ML, AI and real-time technologies will require a data (r)evolution. Datazoom was built with future technologies in mind.

Scalable and Resilient

Our team has worked on some of the largest-scale data projects in the world. Our platform will grow to meet your needs with proven resiliency.

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