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Many industries face the same challenges with data: collecting it, processing it, and delivering it where it needs to be, in the time it needs to be there. The Datazoom Data-as-a-Service platform enables data scientists, analysts, network engineers, product managers, and more to make quicker business decisions based on their business’s data.

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Datazoom can be used across many industries. We're currently focusing on Broadcasters & OTT, Digital, and Audio Publishers.

How Can Datazoom Help You?

App providers, measurement companies, and advertisers use Datazoom to drastically improve the collection, processing, and use of business critical data to drive tangible business benefits in quickly resolving operational issues, engaging users and optimizing profit.

Datazoom is a flexible Data-as-a-Service platform to centralize data collection, processing and delivery across industries.

Collect A Superset Of Events And Metadata

Avoid implementing SDKs that generate duplicative insights in siloed dashboards and disjointed tools. Datazoom collects a superset of data through a single SDK, unifies this data with backend systems and provides a console to manage what data should go to which downstream system.

Data Processing In Real-Time

Datazoom’s real time service standardizes data across platforms and provides advanced transformation and filtering tools so that the right data arrives at its destination in the right format (“Connector”). Save time, resources and cloud computing expenses spent on post processing.

Financial-Grade Data Delivery

Data must be lossless, scalable, performant, and reliable. Datazoom's rigorous scale and functional testing ensures data is delivered accurately and immediately regardless of the scale influxes. Our data delivery infrastructure is backed with strong SLAs and over 300 monitors to track lag, loss, and data retries across the end-to-end workflow.

Turnkey Data Workflows and Dashboards

Different teams use different tools. Datazoom's "capture once, distribute anywhere" model is pre-integrated with the data storage, querying and analytics tools you prefer, including AWS CloudFormation templates, New Relic, Google Analytics and more. Use Datazoom templates for these tools for out of the box value.

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