Datazoom integrates with Amplitude out of the box. Simply drop the Amplitude Connector onto your canvas and configure it.

New Relic makes digital publishing seamless. With a New Relic dashboard, video engineers and network operations can confidently monitor performance and KPIs across the entire audience journey.

Learn how you can better monitor streaming video performance and architecture from customized dashboards with Datazoom and New Relic integration.

The Datazoom New Relic Quickstart Dashboard provides a fast and easy launching point into video metrics built on top of New Relic One dashboards, allowing you to gain insights about your viewers, content, ads, and your platform’s performance. Click here to find out more.

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What Kind of Business Value Can You Expect From This Integration?

Built-In Dashboards and Alerts

Get immediate visibility into your streaming metrics with pre-built dashboards and alerts based on industry best practices. Start using your data right away, even if you’re a first-time New Relic user.

Unified View of Streaming Architecture

No more data silos between your video, client, CDN, and backend services. Get a true end-to-end view of your streaming architecture to quickly identify and remediate issues, providing a better experience for your customers.

Deep Visibility From Customer-to-Content

From users launching platform apps that call to APIs and services, to playlist selection and first frame, know exactly what’s happening across your entire audience journey.

Easy Scaling For Peak Events

Whether offering new OTT videos or live streaming a championship game, full-stack visibility makes large traffic spikes frictionless. Drive audience engagement and revenue-generating content views while reducing quality-related churn (and infrastructure and cloud costs) with application efficiencies—and collaborate better to improve MTTR.

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Get instant, real-time visibility into your streaming video architecture and performance with the Datazoom + New Relic integration.

Leverage Datazoom and New Relic integration to create dashboards to monitor video performance. Create alerts and thresholds which notify Video Engineering and Operations Teams resulting in quicker root-cause analysis and lower MTTR.

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