Datazoom integrates with Amplitude out of the box. Simply drop the Amplitude Connector onto your canvas and configure it.

Datadog is a powerful visualization tool that can turn your ordinary streaming video metrics into powerful visualizations that provide deeper insight to improve operations, product development, and revenue.

Learn how you can easily create powerful streaming video data visualizations from your metrics with Datazoom and Amplitude integration

Quality of Experience

What Kind of Business Value Can You Expect From This Integration?

Streaming Video Metrics Visualization

Leverage Datazoom's integration with Datadog to create dashboards and KPIs to monitor backend system's impact on video performance and create actionable insight for your Video Operations, Engineering, and Product teams.

Align Infrastructure QoS with Video QoE

Gain a deeper understanding of the performance of backend systems and infrastructure may be impacting end-user Quality of Experience (QoE). Correlating data about the viewing experience and content consumption alongside logs from CDNs, ad stitchers, encoders and other cloud services can help detect root causes of bad QoE and the impact of service interruptions.

Real-time Monitoring

For live streaming, and highly anticipated VOD launches, having real-time access to the performance of the end-to-end workflow of video can help predict and quickly detect issues as they arise. Datadog offers probes and a monitoring service for real-time continual querying to ensure your team has the latest insights into system performance. Sending video data to Datadog can provide the context needed to understand the impact of current or potential issues on overall QoS and end-user QoE.

Custom Alerting

Understand how an individual user, or cohort of users, interact with each piece of content. For example, track what content users are watching before or after a specific piece of content to better personalize content recommendations, or verify your existing content recommendations engine.

Log to Metric Storage

Increase monetization by understanding where, how many, and how often to insert ads. Analyze the most engaged parts of a content title, then use amplitude A/B testing to deduce the optimum ad schema and ad positions that maximize revenue.

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Build engaging video experiences with actionable product insights using datazoom and datadog integration

With Datazoom and Datadog integration, you can create dashboards and KPIs to monitor backend system impact on video performance and create actionable insight for your Video Operations, Engineering, and Product teams.

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