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Managing digital products provides product teams a significant opportunity to make product decisions based on data. However, most product owners realize that gaining access to actionable data is fraught with challenges. Instrumenting multiple SDKs that collect the same data that is often locked into siloes and tough to correlate. Instrumenting collection across different platforms and media players across the hundreds of relevant data points needed can lead to inconsistent naming and calculation conventions. Integrating data from applications with backend or external marketing, advertising, billing, customer and content systems takes valuable roadmap time to implement and maintain. All of which ultimately puts product teams in the tough position of making decisions with blind spots or expending time on data management instead of on the product improvements that reliably move your business forward.

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Datazoom enables you to capture the data you need to better understand viewer and user behavior and send that data to the tools you already use

Your Streaming Platform Experience Is More Than Just Content

If content is king, then your product interface is queen. The two go hand-in-hand to create the viewer experience. If you don’t have good content, no one wants to watch. If your streaming experience is hard to engage with through a poorly designed interface, no one will want to watch.

By capturing information from within your product experience (through Web/Native App Collectors) and combining it with viewer behavioral data, you can get a 360-degree view of your users: what are they clicking on, how long are they watching, how long does it take them to find content, etc. 

But collecting product experience data is only half the challenge. The other is where to deliver it. Many software companies with end-user interfaces have begun to invest in Product Analytics platforms like Mixpanel and Adobe. These platforms provide the visualization and deep analysis needed by product managers, UX engineers, and others to understand and optimize the user experience.


There is clear business value in having data you collect from players and other endpoints delivered directly into your data storage locations.

How Can A Product Analytics Platform Help Your Business?

If you don’t currently use a product analytics platform to optimize your end-user experience, perhaps it’s time to invest. There are a myriad of benefits to using one and having a Datazoom data pipe deliver your user data directly to it.

Create Better End-User Visibility

Most streaming platforms collect data about the content experience to improve root-cause analysis and reduce MTTR. But not all of them collect data about how users engage with their streaming platform interface. By collecting product data and using a product analytics platform, the streaming operator can get a much more granular view of how users are engaging with their service and potentially optimize it for improved engagement and lower attrition.

Identify Opportunities For Personalization

For software that is more extensible, such as web apps, the opportunity exists to dynamically alter product interface elements based upon analysis of user behavior. This can provide better ways to promote activities which support more content viewing and, potentially, more ad views. Data about user interaction with the product can provide the means by which to offer a more personalized experience.


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