Datazoom integrates with Amplitude out of the box. Simply drop the Amplitude Connector onto your canvas and configure it.

Splunk is a data platform which helps turn data into action for Observability, IT, Security and more. The Splunk platform removes the barriers between data and action, empowering observability, IT and security teams to ensure their organizations are secure, resilient and innovative.

See how you can improve observability across the video pipeline by employing Datazoom and Splunk integration for your streaming video data

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What Kind of Business Value Can You Expect From This Integration?

Real-time Analytics & Custom Alerting for Content Operations & Customer Support Teams

Create real-time, customized metrics and dashboards that are 3-5x faster at 40% TCO reduction over traditional video analytics tools. Gain deeper, actionable insight into how viewers experience your content within seconds to inform operations and customer support teams. For example, set alerts when metrics reach custom alarm thresholds, and provide a dashboard for customer service teams to see per-user metrics.

Improve Video Applications

Create metrics that help prioritize product fixes based on what's most impactful to revenue. For example, measure the difference between number of ads consumed when a viewer has an error or experiences a buffering event vs. a better viewing experience. Use this data to prioritize what issues to fix first.

Establish End-to-End Video Observability

Send your Player, CDN, Origin, Encoding and backend service logs to Splunk for end-to-end video pipeline observability, understand inefficiencies, and identify the root-cause of issues faster. For example, capture log and telemetry data from each of these systems into a singular dashboard to see the upstream impact and final quality of the end-to-end workflow.

Predict Streaming Issues Before They Affect Viewers

Leverage powerful AI and ML capabilities for automatic identification and prediction of streaming issues by understanding patterns and correlations between the user experience other services. For example, track CDN performance data such as RTT, Cache Status or TTFB against end-user quality metrics such as Video Start Time, Stall Ratio, and Average Bitrate to detect degradation of the viewing experience, or predict it.

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create A Solution for End-To-End Observability Across the Video Pipeline with datazoom and splunk integration

With Datazoom and Splunk integration, you can enrich data in Splunk with standardized, player and CDN data to provide customers with greater end-to-end visibility of their media business.

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