Datazoom Versus Conviva

Conviva is a long-standing provider of video analytics and monitoring tools for streaming video. But Conviva isn’t a Video Data Platform. It doesn’t have the capabilities modern streaming operators need to use data as a building block for the highest possible Quality of Experience (QoE) for viewers, reducing technical inefficiencies, and ultimately maximizing revenue.


Check Out How Conviva Compares With The Datazoom Video Data Platform And Key Partners

Why Choose Datazoom Over Conviva?

Although Conviva is used by many streaming operators to analyze their player data, Conviva does not offer a video data platform. They provide a video analytics platform. Without an event-level, real-time, standardized and accessible dataset it’s difficult to uncover and diagnose the root-cause of content QoS problems, advertising delivery and playback issues, or to gain full control over an in-depth first-party dataset optimal for providing third-party reporting. As such, it lacks a number of the powerful features provided to you through Datazoom.


3 Key Ways Datazoom Provides More Value Than Conviva

Choose The Right Tool The First Time

How does Datazoom differ from Conviva? Although the table below provides a clear indication of how Conviva falls short of Datazoom (when Datazoom is used in  conjunction with popular visualization and analytics tools), we have highlighted three key aspects of how the Datazoom Video Data Platform is superior to Conviva’s Video Analytics offering.

Data Ownership

Unlike with other providers, like Conviva, who may co-own your data, when you use the Datazoom Video Data Platform, the data is always yours. From sending it where you need it to sharing it with your partners, Datazoom never lays claim to your data. We don’t aggregate it, share it, or claim ownership of it. It’s your data to do with as you please.

Sub-Second Data

The speed at which you can get the data from your player to your visualization tools is the speed at which you can make decisions. While Conviva may make you wait up to 5 seconds, with Datazoom you can get your data in near real-time to solve viewer experience issues before their become viewer experience disasters.

Data Enrichment

When you spend time post-processing data, such as combining data sources, you waste valuable decision-making time. Datazoom differs from analytics tools like Conviva by enabling you to add data from other sources into the data stream at the time of collection, delivering connected data into your visualization tools rather than just raw numbers.

Features and Capabilities
Features and Capabilities
Control Timeframe of Data Fidelity and Granularity
Control Granularity Of Stored Data
Real-Time, Full-Fidelity Data Availability (1> Minute)
Schema-Independent Data Collection
User-Defined Queries/Metrics Plus Statistical Relevance
Inner-Join Look-Ups
Created On-The-Fly Dimensional Filtering
User-Defined, Self-Configured Reporting
Ability To View Raw Data Supplied To Each Query/Metric
Data Ingest APIs (At Connector)
User-Defined Alerting Plus Alert Management
Alerting Integrations
Metrics And Reporting Export APIs
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