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Understanding your audience is the bedrock to building effective user experiences and business strategies. Insights into user behaviors, preferences, and consumption patterns, such as content engagement, ad interactions and app usage in correlation to the time of day, geolocation, traffic source, and more drives next level personalization, user engagement, satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately more efficient content monetization strategies.

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Datazoom's platform has been proven to help companies better understand and monetize their subscribers and users.

Understand Your Audience to Maximize ROI

Publishers gain a strategic edge by comprehensively understanding their audience, optimizing ad campaigns and ad server configurations, personalizing user experiences, acquiring strategic content, and running effective user acquisition campaigns.

Ad Revenue Optimization

With detailed event-based data on ad completion rates, clicks, skips, and volume changes, segmented by a broad set of user attributes, publishers can better monitor campaigns inflight, analyze results, and provide unique reporting to advertisers to continually improve ad targeting and ad placements to maximize the value of each ad spot.

Personalized User Experiences

Improve the experience and grow engagement for each user by understanding consumption patterns for different content formats, topics, and areas of interest. Tailored experiences can be created through cohorting users by their preferences for titles, genres, languages, devices, and geographic locations.

Optimized Content Licensing And Informed Production

Analyze consumption patterns and associated engagement or ad revenue across a broad set of content attributes (e.g., titles, genres, languages, authors, etc.) to identify video and written content with the highest demand and return on investment.

Profitable User Acquisition

Optimize marketing spend by examining user acquisition and engagement campaigns against which users convert into subscribers, or generate a profit through ad consumption. Modify campaigns or re-allocate ad spend based on ROI.


There are a variety of different use cases against which the Datazoom DaaS Platform can be used to collect data about your viewers to help improve retention, engagement, and revenue

How Audience Consumption And Analysis Works With Datazoom

Looking at the total number of monthly viewers and the total minutes consumed each month are high-level metrics to understand basic engagement. Alex Savage of ABS-CBN uses the Datazoom platform to more deeply analyze engagement and content consumption.

Alex is demonstrating Looker Blocks, leveraging the Datazoom Looker/Google BigQuery integration, to visualize data. Did you know that we have pre-built dashboard templates templates you can use for Looker, Grafana, Splunk, and other visualization tools?

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