Store Your Data Where You Want

Why settle for data delivery anywhere other than where you truly need it? When you utilize analytics and monitoring tools from third-party service providers, your data often ends up stored in their repositories. This introduces an additional layer of complexity in getting your data to its desired destination—whether that’s your Amazon buckets, your Google Cloud datalake, or even your on-premises setup.


With Datazoom, you don't have to resign yourself to storing data with a provider or vendor. You can store your data where you want to.

Data Directly Into Your Storage = Faster Access

Ensuring that your collected data is accessible to your preferred tools is crucial. With Datazoom’s data pipes, you have the power to direct your data precisely and immediately where you want it to be stored, whether it’s your Amazon S3 bucket, a Google storage location, or even an on-premises storage solution.


There is clear business value in having data you collect from players and other endpoints delivered directly into your data storage locations.

What Does Direct Storage Mean For Your Business?

Storing the data collected from your video player or other end points directly in storage controlled by you provides a number of key advantages and benefits to your business:

Your Data Is In Your Control

Storing your data in a location beyond your control, collected from your video or audio player, doesn't align with business efficiency. When partnering with third-party analytics providers, they handle data collection and storage, granting access through their tools. This approach can entail extra steps, time, and potential data transfer expenses.

Make Faster Business Decisions

When your data is dropped directly into your storage locations, it’s available immediately. And when that data is already standardized, enriched, or transformed, it hits that storage ready for use. Rather than spending time post-processing, you’ll spend time visualizing and making faster business decisions.

Identify New Business Opportunities

Storing data in your datalake or data warehouse facilitates seamless correlation with external datasets, unlocking opportunities to identify valuable relationships including data clean rooms, CRMs, communication services or data systems of parent / sister companies.


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