Generate Reports for Licensed Content Requirements

For most streaming operators, licensed content is an important part of the overall content library, but often comes with reporting requirements back to the content licensor. These requirements will often ask for viewer consumption (i.e., number of views), viewer engagement (i.e., time spent viewing), and geographic data such as where content has been consumed, and often turn into a very manual process and can require expensive data post-processing. Content teams want easy to access, accurate content engagement data transformed to meet the requirements of their content licensing agreements.

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By using Datazoom for improved content licensing reporting, broadcasters and OTT publishers can improve licensing terms and the bottom line.

Protect Your Revenue With Standardized Reporting

Fulfilling all content licensing requirements can be complex, especially when dealing with multiple content rights holders. Each content owner may have different reporting requirements and even request unique or very specific data. By using a consolidated data collection strategy where all events and attributes are collected across the span of requirements for all content licensors, overlapping data collection and siloed workflows for reporting can be avoided.

Easy, Accurate Reporting

With Datazoom's unified data collection at financial-grade accuracy that gathers all relevant events and attributes, content licensing teams can easily generate necessary reports in the format needed to meet content licensors' requirements. Reduce manual post processing that can cause delays in necessary reports.

Audience Engagement Insights

Datazoom empowers content licensing teams with granular audience engagement insights. Analyze consumption patterns, viewer preferences, and trends to make informed decisions on which content to license based on revenue generated. Ensure content resonates with your target audience, driving higher engagement and optimal business outcomes.

Brand Alignment Optimization

Make content licensing decisions that align seamlessly with your brand's voice and standards. Evaluate content quality and relevance, ensuring it matches your editorial vision. Datazoom's insights help you select content that not only captivates your audience but also maintains brand integrity.

Cost-Effective Licensing

Datazoom aids in negotiating favorable licensing terms by offering comprehensive data on the performance of licensed content. Assess viewership, engagement metrics, and audience behavior to determine the content's effectiveness. Optimize your content licensing budget by investing in high-performing content that drives value.


By using the Datazoom DaaS platform, businesses can better negotiate favorable licensing terms while ensuring content decisions are optimized to viewer behavior.

Datazoom Improves Content Licensing Reporting

Content licensors can gain access to real-time reporting with Datazoom. Datazoom’s SDKs and Libraries can be deployed directly with Licensees to collect data. Using Datazoom’s filtering capability, a match rule against an asset_id or other metadata field value can be used to only forward specified events and metadata to a Content Licensor’s Connector destination. 

Content licensees and licensors will need to agree on the events and metadata to collect for reporting. Then, the content licensor will need to provide licensees with the configuration data needed to send data to their designated collector.

How It Works

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