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The streaming video industry is grappling with substantial business challenges from optimizing ad revenue to fostering customer loyalty to reducing costs associated with content, operations, and user acquisition. Publishers need seamless collaboration between platforms, CDN providers, ISPs, customer management, and ad management systems. Give your product, advertising operations, sales, engineering, operations, marketing, content licensing, and production teams access to a centralized and unified dataset.

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Datazoom's platform has been proven to help broadcasters and OTT publishers address the challenges associated with collecting and using data more effectively.

How Datazoom Can Help You Overcome The Challenges Faced By Broadcasters and OTT Publishers

Datazoom’s Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform offers a solution for broadcasters and OTT publishers that allows them to automatically capture an event stream with expansive metadata from native apps, websites, and other business systems to provide a deep understanding of user experience and content performance on a per user level. From video playback to ad interaction to technical logs across both chunked streaming and webRTC delivery.

There are many applications to which broadcasters and OTT publishers can put Datazoom to use.

Common Broadcaster And OTT Publisher Use Cases

User Experience

Analyze a broad set of event-level interactions and attributes across users and content and evaluate product decisions based on revenue.

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Content Decisions

Base content acquisition and production budget decisions on a revenue-informed, unified set of user and content interaction attributes

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Quality of Experience (QoE)

Eradicate errors and system failures, and understand their revenue impact, based on data that is correlated throughout the video delivery stack.

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Marketing Spend

Understand where to prioritize budget on user acquisition, nurturing and rehabilitation based on cohort revenues. 

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Here's an example of how an OTT publisher has used Datazoom to improve their business.

Case Study: Hallmark Media

With the consolidation of teams and platforms, Hallmark Media wanted to leverage the opportunity to improve their OTT streaming stack. During this time, they realized that part and parcel to improved streaming was the need to embark on a company-wide initiative to restructure their data strategy. Even with previously-approved implementations of their analytics providers, the conflict of expectations and support imposed a constant drain on development resources and budgets that were needed for other projects.

Key Challenges

Reduce the number of reporting and analytics solutions in use across the different media properties
Eliminate the need for constant development resources needed to optimize and configure different analytics solutions

Learn about Broadcaster and OTT Publishers using the Datazoom DaaS Platform to improve their business

Broadcasters and OTT Publishers Using the Datazoom DaaS Platform

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