Collecting Data From Audio Players

With real time bidding, big budget ad buys, quickly evolving user interests, erratic content schedule changes and a competitive content acquisition environment, content publishers focused on driving ROI of their service need real time access to flexible, granular, end to end data delivered to the data analysis and visualization tools they prefer.


The Datazoom DaaS Platform integrates natively with audio players to provide the same monitoring functions as with video player endpoints.

Understanding Key Audio Player Metrics and Challenges

Extracting meaningful insights, enhancing user experience, and optimizing the content delivery process is uniquely challenging for audio publishers.

Offline Consumption Tracking

Tracking offline audio consumption and seamlessly integrating this data with online interactions requires data collection mechanisms that losslessly account for this offline-online transition.

Granular Engagement Analysis

Visibility into user engagement patterns based on granular, precise, standardized event tracking and analysis to understand what drives user experience and business value.

Ad Performance

Audio streaming relies on well-targeted, well-delivered ads which is best optimized by collecting ad insertion, completion, and error data.

Quality of Experience (QoE)

Collecting metrics related to audio quality, such as bitrate fluctuations, audio gaps, or buffering incidents must be accurately captured to resolve business critical issues.


By using the Datazoom DaaS platform, audio publishers can capture data to increase engagement, improve ad CPM, and ensure long-term subscriber loyalty.

Use Datazoom to Optimize Audio Publisher ROI

A comprehensive, flexible, and sophisticated approach to online and offline data collection, ensuring accurate insights, seamless integration, and granular analysis to enhance the audio streaming experience and business success.

Ease of Integration & Standardization

Effortless integration with audio players and CDNs for automatically collected, standardized, service-wide data, whether the content is consumed online or offline.

Comprehensive Data Capture

Collect data beyond audio player interactions inside of your app and enrich it all with user, content and advertising backend data.

Granular Data Analysis

Datazoom sends each individual event for granular data correlation and analysis, enabling deeper insights into user satisfaction and content performance.

Real time, Accurate, Scalable, & Secure

Enterprise-grade data governance ensures data accuracy and security, all in real-time regardless of required scale.

Flexible Data Routing

Transform, sample, filter and route collected data to your preferred data storage, visualization, analytics, or querying tools

On-demand Flexibility

Choose which data to collect, how often (heartbeat frequency and sampling), to where it’s delivered at any time by logging into the Datazoom console.

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