Holistic Data Collection From Native Apps And Websites

With real time bidding, big budget ad buys, quickly evolving user interests, erratic content schedule changes and a competitive content acquisition environment, content publishers focused on driving ROI of their service need real time access to flexible, granular, end to end data delivered to the data analysis and visualization tools they prefer.

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Through the Datazoom DaaS Platform, you can finally get a holistic view of user behavior and interactions through a single, standardized set of data

Navigating Complex Data Collection Challenges

Organizations need holistic insights into user interactions, content preferences, and engagement patterns. Understanding how users navigate platforms, engage with content, and respond to ads is a vital component of shaping effective strategies. Traditional session-level reports and metrics fall short in providing the granular details needed to inform decision-making.

The complex landscape of data collection presents its own set of intricate challenges. Each platform, device, and player introduces unique variations in how data can be collected, named, and structured. This diversity complicates the process of capturing meaningful insights across various environments. Furthermore, the fragmentation of tools and integrations can lead to data inconsistencies, inefficiencies, and post-processing complexities.

Precise engagement analysis, ad performance, and quality of experience (QoE) metrics that include the role of content delivery networks (CDNs) and the broader context available across multiple business systems are pivotal in delivering quality experiences. Integrating billing, CRM, CMS, marketing, CDN,  advertising performance and client-side data requires meticulous instrumentation for optimized revenue and user engagement. 

Collecting standardized event-level data from multiple disparate sources while maintaining data consistency and integrity is a real challenge for data driven organizations. Understanding user journeys, alleviating user experience friction, and grasping technical performance is only possible for those who overcome data integration complexities. Streamlining data collection, integration, and analysis is needed for organizations to make informed decisions, optimize user experiences, and maximize revenue potential.

Datazoom's Comprehensive Data-as-a-Service Suite Is The Answer

Datazoom offers software development kits (SDKs), libraries, CDN integrations, and other integrations with key business systems to facilitate extensive data collection, capturing a spectrum of user interactions within and outside the app, to tie everything from media consumption to advertising engagement to general app interactions to your business’s broader knowledge residing in content management systems, customer relationship management systems, ad system partnerships, billing systems, and the essential technical components that underpin performance and functionality.

Standardized Data Collection

Datazoom's standardized data collection framework ensures uniformity across various devices, platforms and business systems. This eliminates manual implementations and data inconsistencies, saving both time and resources.

Analysis-Friendly, Granular Data Sets

Datazoom's event-level data collection allows for granular analysis of user interactions and content engagement to gain actionable insights that transcend data silos.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

By automating data collection and streamlining integration, Datazoom reduces upfront and operational costs so that organizations can focus on deriving insights instead of managing complex data processes.

Seamless Integration

Datazoom seamlessly integrates with popular storage, querying and visualization tools with pre-built templates for efficient data analysis and decision-making.

Scalability and Reliability

Datazoom's scalable platform handles fluctuations in data volume and load, maintaining data integrity and consistency without compromising performance.


Datazoom includes pre-built data collection integrations with many popular device operating systems and web application languages.

Supported Methods for Native Application and Website Data Collection

Broadcasters, OTT publishers, digital publishers, and audio publishers all use a variety of languages to develop their native or web applications. Datazoom supports a number of the most popular.

React Native
React Native

We are constantly evaluating new data collectors for native applications and website frameworks. If you have one you would like to see supported in the Datazoom DaaS Platform, fill out the form to the right.

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