Get The Data Directly To The Visualization Tools You Use

With real time bidding, big budget ad buys, quickly evolving user interests, erratic content schedule changes and a competitive content acquisition environment, content publishers focused on driving ROI of their service need real time access to flexible, granular, end to end data delivered to the data analysis and visualization tools they prefer.

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Not only do you have to spend time building each dashboard, but you'll have to spend time maintaining it, both of which are drains on engineering resources.

Stop Retooling Your Tools

Every minute wasted ensuring that dashboards work with all of the data sources to which they are connected, is a minute wasted that could be spent resolving an issue. The challenge is continuity. When the data sources or calculations change, the dashboard template must be updated. Multiply that by multiple data sources and it can be very costly to continually retool dashboards to meet new data requirements.

The Datazoom platform includes a number of out-of-the-box dashboard integrations with industry-leading providers like New Relic, Datadog, and Looker. By just dropping the appropriate Connector onto the visual data pipe builder canvas, users can quickly enable data delivery to the tools of their choice. With just a little bit of configuration, dashboards can be populated with the data operations or other business units needs to make decisions quicker and more accurately.

And, to top it off, the templates can also be modified to suit your exact business requirements. You can either use them out-of-the-box or as a starting point. That’s the flexibility of Datazoom.


Datazoom features a number of templates for popular visualization tools that can get you up-and-running quickly by saving you the time of building the dashboard from scratch.

Dashboard Template Gallery

Grafana - QoE

Send QoE data into Grafana for real-time monitoring and alerting.

New Relic - Audience, Content & Advertising

Datazoom’s New Relic template includes metrics for Audience, Content, Advertising tracking and monetization.

Looker Blocks - Audience, Content & Advertising & QoE

Datazoom’s video streaming blocks for OTT includes Audience, Content & Advertising & QoE and Data Supervision dashboards.

Splunk - QoE

Send QoE data into Splunk for real-time monitoring and alerting. Use New Relic to correlate app performance with video streaming performance.


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