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The Datazoom leadership team is led by a seasoned group of streaming video alumni. From player monitoring to streaming platform operations to data science, these executives are taking Datazoom from just a technology platform to a critical business solution.


Meet the Datazoom Leadership Team

A Group of Visionaries

Diane Strutner


Diane Strutner

Diane Strutner is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer.

A Silicon Valley native and accomplished international executive, Diane has demonstrated her leadership abilities and sales & business development acumen within the American and Spanish startup scenes. Before Datazoom, Diane was VP for Global Sales and Business Development at NicePeopleAtWork. Prior to that, she held sales and business development positions at several internet and software startups in Spain.

Tony Gentile

Director of Customer Operations

Tony Gentile

Antonio Gentile is the VP of Customer Operations .

Tony joined Datazoom in January 2018 following an extensive career in print and digital media. Spanning his work experience, Tony has held technology management positions at several major publishers including McGraw-Hill, Condé Nast, and immediately prior to Datazoom, a 17-year tenure at The Walt Disney Company/ESPN. At ESPN, Tony held roles such as IT Director for ESPN the Magazine, Senior Director within the Technology Innovation team, and most recently, Senior Director of Technical and Content Operations for ESPN’s premier streaming service, WatchESPN.

Cory Carpenter

VP of Product

Cory Carpenter

Cory Carpenter is the VP of Product.

Cory brings a wealth of expertise in streaming media, dynamic advertising and leveraging data and analytics to drive successful products and empower businesses. He is focused on creating a clear, compelling, customer-centric strategic vision founded in research and insight, advancing an innovative culture, facilitating communication, and ensuring the feasibility and scalability of product initiatives. Cory has a keen interest in the huge advances being made in the field of AI, investing time in his kids that are growing up too quickly and exploring unique cultures and scientific topics.

Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson is VP of Sales.

She has spent the past decade in the video streaming industry, holding sales leadership positions at Brightcove, Xstream and most recently MobiTV. Her focus is on building strategic sales organizations, introducing innovative products into the market and creating meaningful customer relationships. In her spare time Lauren enjoys traveling, trying new recipes, and spending time with her family.

Lauren Johnson

VP of Sales

Kerry Travilla

Director of Technical Solutions

Kerry Travilla

Kerry is the VP of Technology.

Kerry has progressive experience in engineering, sales, and senior management positions in the field of digital communication and streaming multimedia applications. His expertise is in the intersection of sales and engineering disciplines with a customer-centric ethic. Kerry has xtensive experience in the innovative, evolving fields of streaming multimedia, cellular IP networks, and DSP algorithm to silicon implementation.VP

Josh Evans

Josh Evans is a Technology Advisor.

Josh Evans is a 17-year Netflix veteran (30 years in tech). Over a ten-year period Josh built and led e-commerce engineering at Netflix from DVD by mail through the inception of video streaming. Over the next four years Josh lead Playback Services through four engineering-wide technology shifts – from data center to cloud, from US-based to multi-country, from a handful of supported devices to thousands, from third-party CDNs to OpenConnect. In the following three years Josh led Operations Engineering, a centralized engineering organization supporting developer productivity, real-time analytics, and service reliability, performance, & efficiency. Josh’s core strengths include team building, distributed architecture, cloud, tech ops, project management, strategic planning, and organizational scaling. Josh joined Datazoom to leverage his Netflix video streaming experience to the benefit of the broader streaming industry.

Josh Evans


Sid Anand

Sid Anand is an Engineering Advisor.

Sid’s expertise is in end-to-end data-at-scale. Prior to joining Datazoom, he served as PayPal’s Chief Data Engineer, focusing on ways to realize the value of data. Prior to PayPal, Sid held several technical and leadership roles including Agari’s Data Architect, a Technical Lead in Search at LinkedIn, Netflix’s Cloud Data Architect, Etsy’s VP of Engineering, and several technical roles at eBay. Sid earned his BS and MS degrees in CS from Cornell University, where he focused on Distributed Systems. Outside of work, Sid is a maintainer/committer on Apache Airflow and co-chairs QCon, a family of popular practitioner-driven technical conferences, and Data Council, a global Data & AI conference. Sid also serves as a technical advisor & board member for various venture-funded companies. In his personal time, Sid enjoys spending time with family and exploring the outdoors.

Sid Anand

Chief Architect

Industry Veterans Have Come to Help The Datazoom Leadership

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Peter Coppola

Chris Wagner

Doug Knopper

Jason Thibeault

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