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Publishing has undergone a major shift away from print and into digital experiences that are in many cases now 100% online. Digital publishers not only need compelling content to captivate an audience, but also must create frictionless product and user experience. This requires being able to track how each user navigates a site, property, and article to uncover ways to maximize engagement (likes, comments, shares etc.) and time spent on site. To add to the challenge, digital publishers must figure out ways to monetize their business, through advertising or subscriptions, that don’t impede upon product performance or the user experience. The advertising technology stack alone involves multiple technologies, service providers, and processing steps to target and deliver the right ad to the right viewer, measure it, and get paid.

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Datazoom's platform has been proven to help digital publishers address the challenges associated with collecting and using data more effectively.

The Challenges Facing Digital Publishers

Digital publishers must master understanding the value of their content to each user / user cohort, as well as creating an experience that keeps users engaged, and returning. Core Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for every digital publisher should include things such as understanding the number of total users, the breakdown of new users vs. returning users, frequency of content watched/read, time spent on site, and bounce rates. Next, these KPIs should be segmented by figures such as the content creation or licensing costs, marketing campaign costs. Later, tying an ad impression back to a user, and content to understand trends in earnings from advertising revenue will provide clarity for what generates a profit and what does not. And finally, visibility is needed into the impact of broken or degraded experiences (such as errors, degraded experiences, etc) and how they impacted consumption patterns to impact high level KPIs is critical. Having data to answer these basic questions will improve the health, efficiency and profitability of a digital publishing business. 

Datazoom offers a single platform for the collection, processing and delivery of data. For Digital Publishers, Datazoom unlocks additional insights to further advertising revenue growth, resolve technology-related issues impacting monetization, and make improvements to increase short-term and long-term user engagement.

There are many applications to which digital publishers can put Datazoom to use.

Common Digital Publisher Challenges

Tracking the User Journey

Understanding the journey users took to arrive to your site or app (search, direct, etc.), how they navigate once on your site or app (where the click, the content they look at and the level of engagement with that content, how long they stay) and what happens before they leave (exit from a specific piece of content, exit during an ad, or due to an error) provide insights into the user journey.

Using Datazoom, you can collect key events (clicks, scrolls, views, plays, etc.) that paint a timeline for understanding the user journey that can be used to make improvements.

Data Collection For Building Targeting Advertising Cohorts

Data about users is collected and analyzed to build targetable cohorts to directly sell “audiences” to advertisers and agencies, or through programmatic advertising. The International Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released a standardized taxonomy for Seller-Defined Audiences (SDAs). And example of this is a spec for Audience Targeting which defines 1,679 different values that can be used to identify an audience segment.

Using Datazoom, you can collect first-party data about what content your users are engaging with, and map these to the IAB Taxonomies to enable targetable advertising.

Simplifying Integration Resources To Implement Ad Measurement

Measurement providers that look at Audience, Viewability, Ad Verification, and Invalid traffic often provide Tags, SDKs and Libraries to collect data to ultimately rate and score a publisher’s inventory. However, the result of each integration is the expenditure of massive resources dedicated to supporting these services, delays in product launches, and even the creation of technical and performance issues. Further, measurement spread across various services results in challenges to reconcile and consolidate results.

Datazoom can intermediate data collection for ad measurement services for approved partners. This enables Digital Publishers to allow Datazoom to collect, process and deliver specified data (based on the measurement provider’s requirements) on your behalf to a designated endpoint on your behalf to enable measurement without using their directly integrated Tag, SDK or Library.

Collect A “Show Me The Money” Dataset: Per-Impression Monetization & Revenue Reporting

Most often, digital publishers leverage text, picture, or video advertising, sponsored content, or subscription models to earn money. But without granular and segmentable data to understand the mix of users, content and ads, it can be hard to identify what changes will be most impactful to growing revenue. The value of event-based ad impression tracking is that it can help tie users, content, product changes, technical issues back to earning (or losing) revenue, and thus derive granular and accurate ways of understanding ROI. Further, it is the first-half of the dataset required to perform outcome analysis, which is the ability to demonstrate ROI to advertisers by tying ad spend back to their goals (such as sales).

Datazoom can collect, process and deliver a standardized dataset. These insights can be used both internally for monitoring and analytics as well as provided externally in the form of reports or even real-time dashboards for key advertisers and agencies.

There are many ways that digital publishers can achieve business value through Datazoom.

How Datazoom Solves The Problem

Increase Fill Rates

Identifying player errors, ad serving errors, and problematic ad networks that reduce fill rates.

Raise CPMs

Uncover problems with viewability and sources of invalid traffic to improve CPMs.

Add New Direct Advertisers

Provide value through better reporting and showcasing outcomes and ROI for advertisers to unlock higher CPMs.

Reduce Ad-Tech Burden

Reduce the complexity and overhead of the ad stack by consolidating data collection and reporting requirements a single source of data collection and real-time delivery of specified data.


Datazoom has helped a number of digital publisher brands.

Digital Publisher Brands

Datazoom helps many digital publishers address a number of those use cases.

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