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Streaming audio has grown in popularity over the past few years. From podcasts to audiobooks to music, the amount of audio delivered continues to increase. Those audio publishers face similar challenges for monetizing their content, as advertisers and agencies begin to request similar tracking, reporting, and measurement requirements as we’ve seen with ad-supported video streaming. As audio publishers set goals to maximize ad revenue, drive loyalty, and minimize content operations and listener acquisition costs, data is needed to understand the user journey, track content engagement and performance, and monitor the end-user experience, while figuring out how to include advertising to maximize revenue without causing experience issues or user churn

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Datazoom's platform has been proven to help ad-supported audio publishers address the challenges associated with collecting and using data more effectively.

How Datazoom Can Help Audio Publishers Overcome Business Challenges

Datazoom’s Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform helps audio publishers capture a stream of events and metadata from native apps, websites, and other business systems to understand user-level experience and content-level performance, across audio playback, ad engagement, and technical logs. By employing Datazoom, audio publishers can use a holistic collection of insights to invest in promising opportunities and address business challenges.

Addressing ROI Ambiguity With Datazoom

One of the most challenging aspects of Audio Publishing is knowing where and how much to invest, and creating an expectation for the return on investment:

But by collecting the appropriate monetization data (in a standardized and normalized format), audio publishers can use the data to drive budgets and priorities.

There are many applications to which ad-supported audio publishes can put Datazoom to use.

Common Ad-Supported Audio Publisher Use Cases

User Experience

Analyze a broad set of event-level interactions and attributes across users and content and evaluate product decisions based on revenue.

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Content Decisions

Base content acquisition and production budget decisions on a revenue-informed, unified set of user and content interaction attributes

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Quality of Experience (QoE)

Eradicate errors and system failures, and understand their revenue impact, based on data that is correlated throughout the video delivery stack.

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Marketing Spend

Understand where to prioritize budget on user acquisition, nurturing and rehabilitation based on cohort revenues.

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