Collecting SSAI Ad Engagement Data with Datazoom

The advent of ad blockers first ushered media publishers to migrate to server-side ad insertion (SSAI) to improve monetization rates. However some media publishers have also recognized SSAI can be used to improve the user experience by better controlling ad delivery and Quality of Experience as well as personalizing the ad-load for users based on tolerance.

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Through the Datazoom DaaS Platform, you can collect key SSAI metrics so that you can effectively transition ad insertion away from CSAI.

Server-Side Ad Insertion Tracking Challenges

The switch to SSAI has created challenges with understanding ad performance, tracking and identifying the root-cause of user-experience issues when they arise. New technology to understand the timing of ads within content to report on ad engagement, campaign performance and monitor for errors. Additionally, this data needs to be aligned with analytics and reportings for content consumption, and quality of experience to gain an holistic view of the impact of implementing SSAI.

In addition to seamlessly integrating ads into videos, media publishers need granular event-based data to analyze the ad, content, and user attributes driving revenue. However this is often made difficult by the lack of technology that can track when the ad is served. 

Server-side ad insertion (SSAI) resolves many limitations of client-side insertion, but it also requires the alignment of server-side logs with client-side events in order to attach an ad impression to a user, piece of content, and other data collected on the client-side. But it requires app developers to instrument ad tracking across a wide range of data points, and across all their supported platforms while upholding a consistent data data standard. While the process is time-intensive, laden with inconsistencies, and fraught with unexpected obstacles, without meticulous instrumentation, publishers will struggle to resolve ad errors efficiently, contemplate ad viewability and optimize ad revenue.

Unlocking SSAI Tracking Data with Datazoom

Comprehensive Ad Tracking and Observability

Datazoom's solution addresses the complex landscape of server-side ad insertion (SSAI) by capturing granular ad timing, positioning, and ad Quality of Experience (QoE) data for every impression. By correlating this data with user journeys, content consumption, and content QoE, publishers gain insights into ad engagement across various attributes. This enables efficient verification of ad viewability metrics, streamlined ad error resolution, and optimization of ad revenue. Datazoom acts as a bridge between SSAI events and analytics, empowering publishers to make data-driven decisions that enhance viewer experiences.

Precise Revenue Tracking and Ad Engagement Analysis

Datazoom's platform offers a comprehensive approach to SSAI measurement, enabling publishers to summarize impression-specific CPM earnings, broken down by users, titles, and more. This fine-grained revenue tracking aids publishers in understanding revenue generation across diverse attributes. Additionally, Datazoom facilitates in-depth analysis of how users engage with advertising, providing insights into user-type, content, ad creative, and more. These capabilities assist publishers in refining their ad strategies, ensuring maximum revenue potential while maintaining optimal viewer experiences.

Real-time Attentive Viewer Cohorts and Predictive Insights

Datazoom's unique capabilities extend to real-time "Attentive Viewer" cohorts, formed by identifying engaged viewers within a specific time frame. Publishers can leverage these cohorts to offer premium ad placements, enhancing revenue opportunities. Moreover, Datazoom empowers publishers to build predictive cohorts of attentive viewers over time, aiding in strategizing ad placements based on predicted attention levels. This predictive approach aligns advertising with viewer preferences, optimizing viewer engagement and driving revenue growth.

Enhanced Inventory Forecasting and Data-driven Decision Making

Datazoom equips publishers with the ability to forecast both ad inventory and revenue based on historical data. This forecasting capability helps publishers refine their ad strategies to achieve monthly revenue targets. By tracking ad errors and identifying their root causes, publishers can prevent revenue loss and increase monetized ad impressions. The platform's ad tolerance tracking features aid in understanding the impact of different ad pod sizes and durations on user engagement, enabling publishers to adjust ad strategies for optimal results.


Datazoom supports a number of the most popular SSAI providers.

Supported Server-Side Ad Insertion Services

There are many server-side ad insertion providers that streaming operators can work with. Datazoom provides a data collector for the following providers:

Google Ad Manager

AWS MediaTailor



We are constantly evaluating new collectors to add to our growing library.

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