Case Study

A Closer Look At A Streaming Company's Use of Datazoom

This is a case study about Ad Enrichment.

Company Details

Company Name: ABS-CBN

Location: Manilla, Philippines

ABS-CBN Corporation is a Filipino media and entertainment group based in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. It is the Philippines’ largest entertainment and media conglomerate, producing, and streaming online news, and entertainment video content.


Map analytics and monitoring data to monetization data

Increase speed in identifying ad errors

Better understand financial impact of efforts and investments in streaming video operation


Ultimately, ABS-CBN was looking to attribute financial impact to efforts and investments in managing their streaming video operation. With many systems creating silos of data, and no specific tool in place to help them arrive at a single version of the truth, ABS-CBN regularly performed a lot of manual post-processing to connect the dots between data sources. Knowing that this model was unsustainable in the face of future growth, the company set out to combine their multiple datasets to reduce the amount of post-processing needed and achieve higher-visibility and adaptability.

Already a partner, Datazoom was providing ABS-CBN the ability to collect streaming video data from their viewers. Working with Datazoom to better understand their data enrichment capabilities, the organization realized they could take data from third-party sources, like GoogleAd Manager, and inject that data into the flow of raw data points coming from the player.

This allowed the company to measure the financial impact of actions such as marketing and UXchanges, and the potential losses caused by friction and errors already present in the system.

Key Challenges

Implementing a Solution

As a whole, ABS-CBN has an even deeper insight into their subscribers and viewers, which they can then translate into revenue. This insight is valuable at all levels of the organization, from executive revenue reporting, to individual team member’s contribution to the revenue targets. With Datazoom’s enrichment feature, ABS-CBN can take an ROI-driven approach to adding resources and new solutions to their video technology stack. Using Datazoom, ABS-CBN has been able to quickly derive the potential additional ad revenue return from adding engineering resources to address issues with the platform and advertising workflow.

Additionally, having these real-time insights allows their operations and engineering teams to quickly troubleshoot platform issues without giving up extra impressions, mitigating the impact of errors on both current and future ad revenue. A projected 30% ad error revenue loss was identified using Datazoom’s Google Ad Manager enrichment. ABS-CBN has successfully used the analysis of revenue lost due to ad errors as a way to justify a budget to add more development resources.

ABS-CBN’s ad ops team can more quickly detect the performance of new campaigns and identify errors. This not only have a negative impact for ABS-CBN as a publisher, but also on the advertiser, who sees a lower campaign efficacy rate. Further, this data can be used to calculate the loss resulting from malformed campaigns.

Using data collected during A/B testing, ABS-CBN’s product team can determine if a potential feature is worthwhile by forecasting gain or determining if a potential feature may cause revenue loss. As an example, ABS-CBN rolled out an A/B test to measure the potential revenue lift with and without a Content Recommendation Engine. They found that using improved content recommendations led to a 3% uplift in ad revenue, which justified additional budget to spend on a Content Recommendation Engine.

Beyond simply analyzing their viewers’ behavior, ABS-CBN can also use their dashboards as employee performance review tools. By grouping employees into teams and then calculating how much ad revenue each team generates per month, they can see which investments and marketing campaigns are generating the most ROI.

Key Metrics

The Results

The organization’s new, unified dataset can be dropped into their existing data lake via the
Datazoom Connector. That means the company doesn’t need to wait for data to be manually
updated. It updates in real-time and leadership has immediate visibility to start acting on that
enriched data.

Another plus? The new solution doesn’t modify the architecture of their existing Datazoom
implementation. There was zero heavy lifting involved in implementing their new enrichment
feature. They simply provide the sources of the additional data and Datazoom centralizes,
standardizes, and integrates it into a single version of the truth.

Key Results

Why Datazoom?

Datazoom has a growing reputation in the industry for delivering value as a vendor. Their level of support for their product is second to none. While their solution is generally plug and play, the engineers go above and beyond to support the integration and to deliver improvements to the product.

Alex Savage

Head of Digital Analytics

About the Challenges

Data sets are aligned by Datazoom at the user level. Not only can we look atthese datasets as a single source, but we can dive into single sessions and see what each viewer user is doing, and experiencing. This adds a tremendous amount of insight for debugging ad errors, and realizing lost ad revenue.

About the Results

This kind of implementation simplicity is what we need. If we were to build this ourselves, it would require writing a lot of custom code as well as maintaining it as API URLs and schemas change. Datazoom handles all of that.

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