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Check out some of the interesting articles, insightful pondering, and technological ramblings of Datazoom staff. Datazoom blogs cover a broad range of topics from thoughts on the structure of video data to how you might specify your own metrics. If you are more interested in technical topics, from our engineers, architects, and developers, check out the Datazoom Tech Blog.

Jason Thibeault June 29, 2023

What To Do When There Is Too Much Data

This post is the second in a five part series that explores the challenges associated with using streaming video data more effectively. The first part outlined the four primary challenges. This post explores the first…

Jason Thibeault April 14, 2023

Solving The Streaming Video Data Challenges

The availability of data from the streaming video tech stack isn't the issue. It's the challenge of how do you make sense of it quickly enough to have meaningful business impact?

Jason Thibeault April 12, 2023

Solving The Challenges of SSAI Measurement

Many streaming operators, especially those offering live streaming and FAST services, are moving to server-side ad insertion (SSAI). There are a multitude of reasons for this. First, SSAI offers more of a broadcast-like ad experience…

Jason Thibeault September 26, 2022

When Viewers Chromecast, Are You Left In The Dark?

Casting to Chromecast represents about 4.5% of all streaming traffic. But how are you collecting data once the cast has been made? The Datazoom can help ensure you are gathering data from the Chromecast and…

Understanding Video Exits

This is the second blog in a series talking about how video streaming data, pulled from various parts of the workflow, can be used to

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