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Datazoom Expands Technical Leadership Team with Former Netflix Streaming Video & Big Data Experts

Senior Engineering Leaders Join the Real-time Video Data Platform Company

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 16, 2020 / Datazoom, the Real-time Video Data Platform, today announced Josh Evans as its Chief Technology Officer and Sid Anand as its Chief Architect. As part of the leadership team (joining earlier this year), they are responsible for helping streaming video content providers and their supporting vendor-partners achieve exceptional Quality of Experience (QoE) while driving profitability by leveraging real-time, standardized telemetry.

“Datazoom’s true value is unlocked through the deep integration of the real-time telemetry we provide. Our mission is to help streaming video companies of all sizes to radically improve end-user QoE and build new competitive features while powering profitability,” said Diane Strutner, Datazoom CEO and founder.

By leveraging well-structured, real-time, standardized data (and the insight that it enables), streaming video companies can build valuable features, exceptional end-user experiences, and operational efficiencies typically enjoyed only by FAANG-caliber companies. These capabilities can drive explosive revenue growth and dramatically lower operational costs thereby enabling the kind of sustainable profitability that the video industry so desperately needs.

“Josh and Sid spent years engineering and managing scalable, real-time and integrated data architectures at some of the largest data companies in the world, including Netflix, LinkedIn, and PayPal. Now, they’re building foundational technology to shape the next generation of streaming media,” said Strutner.

With 30 years in tech, 17 of which were spent at Netflix, Josh developed an extensive streaming video background, enabling (in collaboration with others) the birth of the streaming era. During his time at Netflix, Josh played a variety of critical leadership roles spanning ecommerce, marketing, infrastructure, streaming playback services, technical operations, chaos engineering, real-time analytics, and developer experience. In his last role, he focused on delivering high impact technical solutions to continuously improve the rate of innovation and service reliability while simultaneously driving the efficient utilization of cloud resources at scale.

Before joining, Josh served as an advisor and investor to Datazoom. In Josh’s new role as Chief Technology Officer, he oversees all strategic technology decisions and serves as the North Star to guide new developments and capabilities, drawing on his vast experience at Netflix.

“After almost two decades at Netflix, observing first hand the power of a deeply integrated, data-driven, scalable, efficient streaming video service, I’m thrilled by the opportunity to apply that experience at a new, revolutionary startup like Datazoom,” said Evans. “It’s an amazing opportunity to share what I’ve learned and help the broader streaming industry achieve the same Quality of Experience that Netflix enjoys. It all starts with real-time, standardized, multi-sourced, integrated streaming video telemetry.”

Prior to joining the Datazoom team, Sid served as PayPal’s Chief Data Engineer, where he designed and built their low-latency, lossless transactional banking system. Sid has also held leadership positions at several Fortune 5000 companies, serving as Etsy’s first VP of Engineering and as a Technical Lead of Search Infrastructure at LinkedIn. Additionally, Sid served as the Data Architect at Netflix responsible for Netflix’s move to the public cloud. Sid, along with 3 others, built the world’s first cloud-based video streaming platform at Netflix. In his new role at Datazoom, Sid will utilize his expertise in end-to-end data-at-scale to help build out their Video Data Platform.

“I love the opportunity to apply my expertise to the larger video streaming industry. There’s much potential in this industry that has gone untapped, primarily because this knowledge is in the hands of the few. I look forward to helping our customers and partners leverage their data to reach their long-term business goals,” said Anand.

Through an ecosystem of real-time data collection software and routing services, the Datazoom Video Data Platform offers flexibility and transparency in data collection so that operations, engineering, product, and business decisions can be made with confidence.

Learn how Datazoom can capture, classify, and connect data from across your video technology stack:

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