Solving Challenges With Streaming Video Monitoring

As a streaming platform operator, monitoring is critical. You need to know what’s happening throughout your workflow, where components are exceeding thresholds, where errors are occurring. And, most importantly, you need to know that right now. Datazoom can help make your streaming video monitoring more effective, efficient, and impactful.


Can You See The Data You Need To See In Your Streaming Video Monitoring Tools?

What Makes Monitoring Streaming Video So Hard?

Regardless of how you monetize your streaming service, an effective streaming video monitoring strategy and tool is key to success. Without a critical understanding of workflow health, viewer QoE, and core KPIs (such as rebuffer ratio), you can’t hope to ensure your viewers keep coming back to watch more content. The four issues below represent common streaming video monitoring challenges that most streaming providers deal with at one time or another.

Slow Data Delivery

Monitoring latency is just as important as delivery latency. When your operations and customer service engineers can’t get the data quickly enough, it can prevent root-cause analysis and issue resolution. Failing to address streaming concerns quickly can significantly impact subscriber churn.

Addressing this means:

Service Provider Configuration

Many streaming technologies have proprietary visualization tools for monitoring. These tools must be configured by the service provider. So if there’s a change, such as a new URL for a data source, it must be sent to the provider for configuration with the tool which can result in a serious disruption to monitoring.

Addressing this means:

Not Enough Granularity

The problem with using visualization tools and data points dictated by a service provider is just that: they are dictated by someone else who may have decided what metrics are important which may not be the same metrics you think are important…or as comprehensive.

Addressing this means:

No Ability to Customize

Perhaps the biggest challenge in monitoring with provider-based tools is the lack of customization. The tool is what it is. There is little opportunity to modify the visualization to meet specific business requirements.

Addressing this means:

With Datazoom You Can Build The Monitoring You Want

Your Data, Where You Want It

With the Datazoom Platform, you can tackle those monitoring challenges. Through a highly configurable system with a drag-and-drop interface, you can collect data from your device end-points or CDN and deliver it to the visualization tools you already use. Leveraging the enrichment and data standardization features, alongside functionality that allows you to specify how fast data is retrieved and delivered, you can build a truly customized monitoring system which meets your specific business needs.

John Frank


John used Datazoom to collect the data from multiple components and deliver them all to a single location in real-time.

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