Align your video delivery stack with Datazoom

Maximize Data With Adaptive Video Logistics

Datazoom has created a new category of software, Adaptive Video Logistics to help broadcasters and media companies deliver higher-quality and better-monetized video experiences. Employing cutting-edge technology, our patent-pending solution can acquire data, pass it through the platform, store it, and send it to it’s destination in milliseconds.  Our SaaS-based platform leverages our real-time, multi-tenant Data Delivery Network that pre-integrates with an ecosystem of commonly used third-party tools and platforms ranging from Analytics to Ad Serving. 

How it Works

Datazoom’s patent-pending cloud-based platform works by capturing data from your end-users in sub-second real-time. Once captured, the data is sent through a dedicated connection from your end-user to our platform where it’s stored and then pushed to a third-party system of your choice. Finally, using our online configuration portal, you take complete control over what data is collected, how often, and to where it needs to be delivered.