Solving Challenges
With Streaming Video Advertising

Streaming video advertising is fraught with challenges which can impact revenue. One of those is detecting errors.


Are You Losing Ad Revenue?

Understanding the Impact of Streaming Video Ad Errors

For AVOD and other streaming video services which generate revenue from ad sales, errors in ad delivery can have a serious impact on the bottom line.

The Impact of Video Ad Errors

You have a set number of impressions to sell and you do so across a range of advertisers. But if the ads of one campaign are failing to load, such as with a 404, you are still beholden to the impressions you’ve sold. Only all of your impressions are accounted for (you are “fully subscribed”). Where then are you going to find the impressions to make-up for those that you sold but resulted in a video ad error?

The Challenges of Error Detection

Detecting a video ad error may seem like a trivial issue. If an ad doesn’t show, just check the logs. But a failure to deliver is only part of the issue. A 404 simply indicates the files making up the ad weren’t available either in cache or on the origin. But why not? Did the encoder fail? What if the ad was retrieved but couldn’t be displayed. How do you troubleshoot that error?


Protect Your Ad Revenue

The Data About Video Ad Errors Doesn't Lie

Without a clear way to understand the potential revenue impact of video ad errors, you are flying blind. Not only are you losing monthly ad revenue, but your ad errors may also impact your ability to forecast monthly available inventory. In just two steps, you can get a clear picture of how much ad revenue those ad errors are costing.

Step 1: Quantify Your Video Ad Revenue

Before you can assess the impact of video ad errors on your revenue, it’s critical to understand your total ad revenue and your per-user monthly ad revenue. The graphs below illustrate how that analysis can be derived through Datazoom.

Step 2: Visualize the Impact of Video Ad Errors

The impact of ad loss is put into perspective in the graphs below, which illustrate how many errors are occurring and how much ad revenue is lost each day due to those errors.


Achieve Insight With Datazoom

How Datazoom Can Help With Your Video Ad Errors

With the Datazoom Platform, you can better quantify your advertising revenue (on a per-user basis) as well as detect where video ad errors are coming from. With the built-in data enrichment feature, you can inject data from different sources, such as Google Ad Manager, into the data stream for an ad-related event in the player. This ensures the data which gets to the visualization tool is the whole advertising picture (with standardized data names) and no time is wasted on post-processing to create the relationships which are necessary to have a complete understanding of video ad errors and their impact.

Alex Savage


Alex used data collected with Datazoom and enriched with data from Google Ad Manager to measure the impact of advertising errors on monthly revenue, identify a common culprit for campaign errors, and worked with operations to mitigate the problem.

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