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A free, powerful Looker Block from Datazoom to help improve your streaming video performance, better understand viewer behavior with your content, and even assess the success of your advertising.

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Meet the Looker Block that will bring better visibility to your streaming data. Say "hello" to OTT Video Analytics by Datazoom.

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Quality of Experience
Quality of Experience Dashboard

Datazoom’s video streaming engineering block for OTT includes Quality of Experience and Data Supervision dashboards. Performance data is critical for operations and support engineers to make configuration changes which can improve the viewing experience. This real-time view can give rise to powerful insights about CDN selection, adaptive bitrate ladders, and more.​

Content Performance
Content Performance Dashboard

Datazoom’s video streaming content block for OTT includes Content Performance and Content Marketing dashboards. Understanding how well individual titles in a VOD library or live streaming offering appeal to viewers is critical to optimizing your content strategy. By focusing on content which results in high-engagement, whether across all viewers or within specific demographic segments, you can mitigate subscriber churn and even improve CPM rates.

Audience Growth and Engagement
Audience Growth and Engagement Dashboard

Datazoom’s video streaming product block for OTT provides dashboards to visualize includes high level Audience Growth, Audience and Engagement, and Ad metrics. From these visualizations, business leaders, such as product managers, can derive powerful insights to help shape the future of the product experience.​

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Centralize data from your player, CDN, ad manager, and user analytics for enhanced monitoring, reporting and diagnostics capabilities to grow your advertising revenue
  • Real-time, custom dashboards and reports, that are 3-5x faster, and offer 40% savings on TCO than traditional video analytics tools
  • Improve operational observability across the end-to-end video delivery workflow
  • Create an integrated view of real-time video playback, web analytics, advertising, and CDN data that can be correlated to individual users and sessions
  • BigQuery Data Transfer service can load Google AdWords, DoubleClick Bid/Campaign Manager, DoubleClick for Publishers, and YouTube reports directly into BigQuery
  • Using BigQuery ML standard SQL functions pull directly from BigQuery to offer predictive modeling capabilities
  • Built on an AI-ready foundation that’s ready to scale with any organization, and any data set

The Datazoom SDK collects data from any OTT mobile app or website. Once collected, the data is normalized against a standardized data dictionary. The data is then stored in Google Cloud for access by the Looker Blocks.


The data collected by the Datazoom SDK is stored in Google Cloud. This ensures data resiliency and reliability when being accessed, in real-time, by third-party data visualization tools like the Looker Blocks.


Looker is one of the leading data visualization tools. Part of the Google Cloud Platform, Looker connects directly to the Datazoom data lake in Google Cloud, enabling Blocks to access information in near real-time and ensuring Blocks represent the latest data.

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