Streaming Video Data Connectors

You probably already have visualization tools, dashboards, and data lakes which form the foundation of your streaming video operations. The Datazoom Platform includes a library of connectors, to many of the systems you might already use, so you can send your streaming video data where it needs to be.


Your Tools, Your Process, Your Streaming Data...Your Way

Send Your Streaming Video Data Where It Needs to Go

Once you’ve defined the Collectors you need, the Connectors are the systems and tools to which streaming video data can be sent by Datazoom…in real-time!

Our Amazon S3 Connector sends Collector data to your configured S3 bucket.

Our Amplitude Connector sends Collector data to your configured Amplitude project.

Our Datadog Connector sends Collector data to your configured Datadog destination, available for query in Log Explorer. Datazoom sends data set at INFO level.

Google Analytics provides a number of powerful features that allows you to get a good understanding of the user journey across all of your digital properties. The Datazoom Google Analytics Connector helps fill in the blanks when it comes to video consumed on your digital properties. To use this connector, you must already have a Google Analytics account and have deployed the requisite Global Site Tag (gtag.js) as per Google’s instructions.

Google Big Query is a great tool to use to store and analyze your video player data. Before you can send data to Big Query, you’ll need to configure a Connector.

Cloud Storage is a service for storing your objects in Google Cloud. An object is an immutable piece of data consisting of a file of any format. You store objects in containers called buckets. All buckets are associated with a project, and you can group your projects under an organization.

Our Microsoft Azure Blob Storage Connector sends Collector data to your configured Azure Blob Storage destination.

As part of the total suite of tools from New Relic, the Insights product provides real-time analytics and visualization of data captured by your video player(s). Further, that data can be correlated and visualized with any other part of your content platform that is already instrumented with other products from New Relic thereby providing a more complete cause-effect view into customer video experiences.

Splunk is a platform where you can take real-time data as captured via a Datazoom Collector and perform live data analysis. In addition, should you already have your content streaming infrastructure instrumented with Splunk, you can perform powerful analysis to better understand the impact of problems with that infrastructure and how they are manifested during customer video playback.


A Robust Ecosystem

Connect Your Systems

The datazoom ecosystem is a growing library of SDKs and API endpoints to enable you to build Data Pipes between your sources, such as video players and CDNs, and the tools that use that data, such as visualization platforms like Datadog and Looker.



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