CDN and Player Monitoring for QoE

Monitoring is the backbone of streaming. Although the video technology stack is full of both commercial and open-source components, without monitoring, it would be difficult to build a business off those technologies. With Datazoom’s platform, monitoring two key components (CDNs and the video player) can be easily configured to deliver data much faster and with greater consistency.


Datazoom Can Make Your CDN and Player Monitoring Better

How Datazoom Can Make Monitoring Better

You need your CDN and player data. It needs to be standardized. It needs to be configurable. And it needs to be fast, especially when monitoring is critical to your overall QoE. But that’s hard when you are trying to combine multiple data sources from a variety of vendors. Through two key features and fundamental platform functionality, Datazoom can ensure that your operations and customer support engineers have the data they need to ensure the highest possible QoE.


Two Features To Improve CDN and Player Monitoring

Sampling and Real-Time Delivery

CDN logs and player data can be incredibly large datasets. When monitoring needs to happen quickly, such as trying to determine a CDN-related performance issue, processing large amounts of data can slow everything down. Datazoom provides two core features, Sampling and Real-Time Delivery, that can significantly improve monitoring effectiveness. Just the right amount of data from your CDN or player can get to your visualization tools in real-time.

Carving Out the Data

You don’t need a billion CDN log or player data points to know that there’s a performance or other issue. A representative sample of the data will do. Datazoom enables you to easily specify how much data to take from a specific collector. By reducing the amount of data to analyze, you can significantly improve how quickly your able to reach conclusions on critical issues.

Delivering Data Now

The difference between getting monitoring data every four seconds and every sixty seconds is like between blinking and keeping your eyes closed for 10 seconds. The amount of visual information that’s missed is almost incomprehensible. When trying to diagnose and resolve issues impacting viewer QoE, there can’t be any gaps. Datazoom provides you the ability to configure any data source to be delivered in real-time.

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