playbackStallCount (fluxdata)


Number of times the user’s playback has been interrupted by an unexpected video stall due to buffer depletion during a View.


Applicable for: Ad, Content, Live, VOD
Field Type: numeric
Node Location: event.metrics
Unit: count
Max Decimals: 0
Min Value: 0

Data Dictionaries

Datazoom’s powerful Data Dictionaries are the standard schemas we use to normalize every data point captured by our Collectors. This standardization allows analysts to easily build cross-platform metrics in a consistent manner despite being sourced from multiple video players. By bringing these disparate data sets together under a common Data Dictionary, Datazoom empowers companies to easily leverage the power of your data to improve video playback experiences.

Datazoom’s Video Player Data Dictionary

Metrics Encyclopedias

The Data Dictionary is designed to collect raw behavioral and system event data that can be used to generate many popular video streaming quality of experience metrics. Check out Datazoom’s Metrics Encyclopedias for more information about how the power of Datazoom’s Data Dictionary can power your streaming video analysis.

Datazoom’s Video Metrics Encyclopedia

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