Build engaging video experiences with actionable product insights Using Datazoom and Amplitude Integration

Leverage Datazoom and Amplitude Integration to create dashboards and KPIs to monitor video performance and create actionable insight for your Content, Video Engineering, Ad Ops, and Product teams.

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Learn how you can easily create powerful streaming video data visualizations from your metrics with Datazoom and Amplitude integration.

Quality of Experience

Create Viewer Cohorts

Gain a deeper understanding of how audiences use your streaming service by leveraging custom cohorts. For example, create a custom cohort of users who have returned to the service two days in a row to compare against the behavior of users who churned. Bring in attribution campaign data to see what marketing dollars create the most valuable users.

Improve Video Products

Prioritize product fixes based on what’s most impacting revenue. For example, measure the difference between number of ads consumed when a viewer has an error or experiences a buffering event vs. a better viewing experience. Use this data to prioritize what issues to fix first.

Per-Title Content Engagement

Understand how an individual user, or cohort of users, interact with each piece of content. For example, track what content users are watching before or after a specific piece of content to better personalize content recommendations, or verify your existing content recommendations engine.

Grow Advertising Revenue

Increase monetization by understanding where, how many, and how often to insert ads. Analyze the most engaged parts of a content title, then use amplitude A/B testing to deduce the optimum ad schema and ad positions that maximize revenue.


The Datazoom SDK collects data from any OTT mobile app or website. Once collected, the data is normalized against a standardized data dictionary. The data can then be made available to Datadog for visualization.



Amplitude is a Digital Optimization System. that helps businesses, like streaming media operators, optimize the business value of digital product innovation.

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