Sample Your Data

In most cases, you don’t need all the data you can collect, especially when trying to measure against specific KPIs which are often in aggregate. Datazoom can help you gather just what you need to speed up decision making.


Are You Wasting Time Analyzing Too Much Data?

Analyze Just What You Need

It may not seem like it, but you may be wasting precious time analyzing too much data. Imagine the compute resources it takes to churn through a billion data points. But what if you could derive the same insights by churning through just 10% of that data? With Datazoom, you can specify the exact sample of the data you want to get to the results you need, faster.


Get Just What You Need to Derive Insight

Sampling Example: CDN Log Data

Sampling Explained

Data processing costs resources: compute cycles and time. Although the compute cycles resources required to churn through a large dataset like a CDN log may not be exorbitant, you may not be able to afford the time when trying to narrow down performance impacts on QoE. By taking a representative sample, such as 10% of that CDN log dataset, you may be able to reduce your compute and time costs by exponential amounts. Datazoom’s Sampling Feature enables you to specify the amount of data you need from a specific source.

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