Enrich Your Data

Manually combining data points from different sources within a player can be time-consuming. With Datazoom, you can add those data points together into a single stream at the time of collection.


Relating Data Points When Analyzing Takes Time

Analyze Your Data More Efficiently

When your operations engineers are trying to track down root-cause or address a specific issue, spending time relating data points, such as through table merging or post-processing, instead of fixing the problem can mean the difference between churn and keeping subscribers. Rather than letting your bottom-line suffer, Datazoom can enable you to combine those related data points at the time of collection. This ensures you can feed dashboards and other visualization tools with the data that matters, in the way that’s meaningful to your operations so their time can be spent resolving the issue and not piecing together the data.


Make Your Data Work For You

Enrichment Example: CPM Value

Enrichment Explained

To enrich a stream, using this example, we are modifying the JSON structure of events as they pass through our data pipeline. In doing so we apply rules which append additional information to specified datapoints from a hosted data set in real-time. For Google Ad Manager, that means querying a report and using fields from that report to enrich certain ad events. This avoids having to do table merging and post-processing of data at the endpoint. The result is a more comprehensive view, when visualizing, but provided much quicker.

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