Optimize Your Data

Data alone can’t solve your technical challenges or improve your business. After data has been collected, it must be improved to match your business needs and requirements.

How Are You Making Your Data Better?

Not All Variables Are Created Equal

A typical streaming platform operator probably gets data from close to 30 systems operating within the technology stack. These can include SDKs within the video player, components hosted on-prem or in the cloud, or even third party providers like Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). But sometimes these variables have unique names. Even session IDs can be named differently, making them difficult to connect together.

The Datazoom platform can help you not only normalize that data, but add to it as well. Through configurable mapping, you can make sure that regardless of source, data representing the same metrics across sources can be collected using a common name. And with Datazoom’s proprietary enrichment system, you can specify additional values be added to specific datapoints. Finally, you may only need a subset of data from a source. With the built-in connector-side sampling feature, you can specify just how many data points you want for a specific value over a given period of time.

Make Your Data Work For You
Get Your Data Faster


Performance-related issues required immediate attention. Even just the slightest delay can have a material impact on churn rates. But without the data coming in real-time, solving those issues quickly can be challenging, if not impossible.

Make Your Data More Relevant


There may be instances where a data value from a specific source needs additional dimensions. Rather than trying to reconcile that manually or within a visualization tool, you can enrich a data element with additional values by appending to the value’s metadata.

Make Your Analysis More Effective


Do you need every single value captured from a data point? Maybe you only need one in ten? Maybe one in one thousand? Whatever your sampling needs, Datazoom is easily configured to adjust the sampling rates on each data point for each connector making sure you only get what you need.

Make Your Data More Uniform


What’s worse than trying to figure out which data elements, from different sources, actually measure the same thing? This can waste countless time that you may not have when trying to ascertain root cause and restore viewer QoE. With Datazoom’s data dictionary integration, you can automatically map values from different sources to a single name thereby speeding up recognition and insights within your visualization tools.

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