Streaming Data Integrations

How are you streaming data from different components in your workflow? How are you getting that data to the systems where it belongs?


What Streaming Data Do You Need To Gather?

Improving Your Data Pipeline With An Ecosystem of Streaming Data Integrations

The data pipeline is a critical layer of the streaming video technology stack. It requires a lot of custom software development to collect data from components throughout the stack as well as normalize and send the data to a datalake or other repository. And when software components within the stack change, additional time and resources must be spent to build new custom integrations. All of that extra development, though, is a waste of time. Building integrations with technology tools isn’t. Running a great streaming service is. And to do that, you need a better data pipeline. Datazoom can help you make that happen.

Building a better pipeline has a number of powerful benefits to your streaming business. First, you can improve your operations by enabling faster decisions based on deeper, richer dataset. Second, you can improve viewer satisfaction through quicker and better root-cause analysis. Finally, you can protect and even increase ad revenue. And that’s where one of Datazoom’s most important features comes into play: a built-in ecosystem of Collectors and Connectors. These integrations, with popular data sources, streaming video stack technologies, and third-party providers enable you to extend the Datazoom platform to super-charge your data pipeline with streaming data for improved observability, faster monitoring, and even more lucrative advertising. And the best part? Datazoom is constantly working with partners and vendors to add more off-the-shelf integrations so you can build your data pipelines faster and easier. If you are interested in seeing your company logo in the Datazoom ecosystem, fill out the form here.



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