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Your streaming platform includes advertising so it’s critical to understand how ad errors, platform improvements, and even the cost of operations can impact ad revenue. Get this guide to read about how Datazoom data enrichment feature can give you the dataset you need to make important decisions to increase streaming ad revenue.

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Enjoy This Valuable and Informative Resource to Help You Increase Streaming Ad Revenue

An OTT Product Leader's Guide

To increase streaming ad revenue, operators need to derive the right insights. They need to take a data-driven approach to revenue growth and profitability. But, there are challenges. For one, taking a data-driven approach requires understanding the impact of workflow and technology changes across multiple business units. Operators must be able to answer the question, “How will this change I’m considering making to marketing, advertising operations, or technology teams help me maintain or grow my ad revenue?” The purpose of this guide is to offer a strategy and communicate the vision for overlaying ad revenue data onto a variety of OTT metrics. The intention is to put a dollar figure on OTT initiatives, so you can easily measure the value generated and calculate ROI. Included in this guide are the metrics you need and how they can be used.

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