Datazoom’s Data Pipes: Unlock your Video Data


Datazoom’s Data Pipes are here. Datazoom Adaptive Video Logistics platform makes it even easier to select data sources, specific Event, Metadata, and FluxData to be captured, and where to send it.

Example: Customize Data Points per Collector to send into analytics and storage systems.

Believe in the power of raw data, ‘zooming through our platform with less than one second of added latency. Real-time insights are possible: whether you’re trying to understand your audience at the user level, zero-in on service level performance, verify the SLAs of third-party service providers or make large-scale, strategic business-wide decisions, Datazoom is behind supporting your data strategy, 100%.

Article: Datazoom + New Relic

This is just the first of many new features we’ll be building into our platform this Fall. Stay in touch with the Datazoom team as we equip our platform with new features to expand and enhance data-driven video.

Click here to experience Data Pipes first hand!

Originally published to Medium, November 2, 2018.


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