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Technology in and of itself is useless. But technology which can help solve critical business issues, improve operations, or protect and grow revenue is essential to success. Datazoom solutions for advertising, monitoring, and observability can protect revenue and improve QoE for a better, more profitable streaming service.

How Can Datazoom Solutions Help Your Business?

Using Data to Solve Business Problems

Datazoom is a powerful technology platform to help you leverage the data from your streaming workflow to solve critical business issues and protect bottom-line revenue. Identify your role to find out which Datazoom solution is most applicable to your job or explore one of the three main use cases where Datazoom solutions can meaningfully improve your business!

What Role Do You Play In Your Organization?

Find Your Datazoom Solution

The Power of Datazoom

Explore Some General Use Cases

There is no limit to how Datazoom can help improve your video streaming business by normalizing data and getting it to your dashboards faster. Below are some use cases which clearly illustrate the power of the Datazoom solutions built on our Video Data Platform.


Detecting Ad Errors

Failure to show an ad in a pod can cost you money. It’s one more impression that you have to makeup to meet your obligation and you can’t sell to someone else.

Calculating Ad Revenue

Do you know how much ad revenue is generated per user per month? Having the data to calculate such a critical KPI can help demonstrate the impact of lost revenue from ad errors.


Increasing Data Speed

Getting data quickly to your operations team is critical to ensure a high-quality viewer experience. Just seconds delay can have a profound impact on how quickly your operations can resolve issues.

Standardizing Data

When data comes from multiple sources, when different variables represent the same information, it can complicate the ability to solve issues quickly across multiple components.


Finding the Root Cause

To identify the source of an issue, you’ll need to piece together multiple data sources, to see the big picture, and to be able drill down into individual sources for greater insight.

Making Connections

Seeing the forest for the trees. Enabling observability is more than just numbers and values, it’s about the big picture and the patterns which can help improve the viewer experience for everyone.

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