Datazoom Ecosystem Expansion — New Relic Insights for Streaming Video


New Relic Insights is among the most widely used analytics tools available to developers for monitoring the performance of the software they use to grow and expand their business. Datazoom is proud to include New Relic technology in our growing ecosystem of “Connectors” available in our Adaptive Video Logistics platform to help OTT and IPTV distributors track the performance of their online video operations.

With an expansive array of dashboards available to monitor operations at an application level, the integration with Datazoom provides SDK-free enablement for New Relic Insights metrics via Datazoom’s centralized data capture and routing platform.

New Relic users can now leverage Datazoom’s one-time, one line, copy+paste integration to cut code from their video player and enhance the width of data available to the Insights platform. Datazoom Data Pipes make it easier than ever to precisely manage which data is passed on to New Relic, and customize data flows on-the-fly for cost control and more holistic QoE measurement.

Supported Collectors available within the New Relic <> Datazoom integration are constantly expanding, making now the perfect time to demo Datazoom’s Data Pipes. It’s time to take control of your data and develop a true data strategy, and it can start with Datazoom!

Originally posted to Medium, October 3, 2018.


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