A Data Dictionary To Improve Observability

When your data isn’t standardized before being visualized or analyzed, you end up wasting valuable time and resources in data post-processing. With the Datazoom Data Dictionary, integrated into our powerful Video Data Platform, your data is normalized before it hits your datalake. This means similar data points  from different sources (often with different names) can be easily related to improved observability across your entire workflow.


Non-Standardized Data Can Create Serious Challenges With Your Ability To Provide The Highest QoE.

Explore the Data Dictionary

Datazoom has two data dictionaries: CDN and Player. Click on an icon to visit that data dictionary.

Find A Term:

Video Player Data

These data elements (event, metadata, and fluxdata) are captured from collectors integrated with supported end-points (such as video players) on devices and browsers.

CDN Data

These data elements are captured from collectors integrated with supported CDN providers.

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