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Continuing the Party: 3rd CDN Integration Announced, Collector for Amazon CloudFront

This blog post provides additional details about our latest CDN Collector that we announced in our most recent press release.

In October, we were excited to announce the release of our CDN Collectors which enabled content owners to collect, standardize, and route their CDN log data for both real-time analysis and as an input for root-cause-analysis algorithms. Our initial release included two CDN collectors, Fastly and Lumen (formerly CenturyLink), and we promised more. 

Our newest CDN Collector, announced today, facilitates real-time analysis of Amazon CloudFront performance alongside other CDN logs and video playback datasets for content owners.

Our platform has been uniquely built to support the future of streaming. As more streaming operators integrate ML, AI, and other algorithms into their workflows to help with root-cause analysis and overall optimization, access to real-time, standardized data from multiple sources is paramount. In fact, having such a data lake within reach might be the biggest challenge in streaming today!

At the end of August, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the first Amazon CloudFront real-time logging solution. Our integration with Amazon CloudFront leverages this soulution and collects data via Amazon Kinesis Data Streams. It standardizes the common data elements which appear in Datazoom’s CDN Data Dictionary and delivers CloudFront CDN data to destinations including Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Splunk, and Google BigQuery. You can check out how to set this up in your Datazoom account here.

One of the most powerful aspects of this real-time logging solution in AWS CloudFront is the support for query parameter logging. Users can employ this to pass client-side identifies which adhere to the CTA’s Common Media Client Data spec (CTA-5004) specification. Just in case this isn’t sinking in, AWS has ensured a granular matching between client-side experience data and corresponding CDN telemetry. It’s the holy grail of Quality of Experience data analysis: the ability to connect client to CDN, to understand the relationship between QoE and delivery issues. And with our new CDN Collector for AWS CloudFront, you can integrate that data directly into your Datazoom pipeline.

But this AWS feature to correlate CDN and player data is just an example of where the future of streaming video data collection and usage is heading. Creating access to multiple data sets which can be correlated after normalization and standardization can enable streaming workflows to adapt to availability changes or failures once detected.

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